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I am Developing Template using Bootstrap. I am new to develop some bootstrap concepts. I have the below requirement and i want some guidance from the expert team.

I have the master table and it contains master Records like (EmpNo,Name,Address, Gender, Country, DOB, Qualification, EmpDetails, SalaryDetails,ProjectDetails,MedicalDetails,etc)

When i click some row from the master rows, that corresponding details should appear in the child record which is in the right side.

Let us consider, i have 3 child table (1. EmpDetails, 2. SalaryDetails, and 3. ProjectDetails).

How we can elaborate all the child records from master row click.

I used SQL Server for Data storing and front end is .NET

How to achieve this without using controls and using only bootstrap controls...?

gantiTPT () - 10 months ago - Reply 0