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Every freelance react native developer using React Native, possibly have a long list of components that execute a number of tasks in their react native development projects. However, a better way to design and select the components is to keep them small and specific so that each component corresponds to a single function. In ideal circumstances, each component should render only a specific bit of the app page or modify a single function. The components should be reused across multiple projects. The fact that it is easier to maintain small components while bigger components are difficult to manage should be well understood by the react native developer handling the react native app development project. In fact, this best practice should be followed by freelance react native developers, in order to make the react native app development process faster and efficient. Freelance react native developers who use these best practices tend to deliver high-quality deliverables within the deadline and often get easily into the good books of their clients. If you are a React Native developer, with experience and the ability to deliver high-quality deliverables within the deadline, then you can get react native development projects from quality clients on Eliana and also Eliana provides freelancers with the option to stay anonymous on the platform.

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