Bootstrap 3.1.0 Examples

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Recent Comments

can you make a video of how to add this to a bootrap studio project. I know thats easy for you. But its the last step in me "committing" to bootstrap. Thanks! I will pay you to make the video. Thanks!
Credit Card Payment with Stripe (updated)

@blayderunner123 the attributes tab does not show up the content at first. when we click on any other tab and click back on attributes tab. then the content show up . please solve this problem.
Resume Tabs

how can i stop the auto sliding?
Bootstrap 4 Carousel

Hi. Excellent code. I have a question. I was in a situation that i need to copy one child to orther node. Do you know how can i do that. Thank´s a lot. Sorry the English. It´s not so good.
BootStrap TreeView

why my css doesnt run im using codeigniter as my framewrok <link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo base_url().'../css/gaya.css'?>" type="text/css" > it doesnt run when i use yours <link href="css/gaya.css" rel="stylesheet"> also not working
bootstrap Kilimanjaro nice blog

Hi,I see the searchfield on the background behind the icon(circle) which appears white. How do i get rid of that? Please help.Thanks
animated search bar

Thank you !!! it's perfectly work!!!!!! :)
Multi Item Carousel

you can copy the codes from here...
Awesome Search Box

Hey can you send me the full code? It's for a school project. Thanks in advance

Thank you very much #CheewingtanAnd yes, It's free you can modify it but at your own Risk.
Pricing Table