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how to insert multiple rows in sql database? if code like this
Table add row Dynamically

This will be more better.$(function () {$( "#tree2 .selected" ).parents('#tree2 .branch').map(function() {console.log($(this));var icon = $(this).children('i:first');icon.toggleClass('glyphicon-folder-open glyphicon-folder-close');$(this).children().children().toggle();})});
BootStrap TreeView

I need simple tree code. This is little bit complex.You can see here in left sidebar of "". I want to add same kind of tree to sidebar of "".Thanks in advance for your help.
"BootTree" TreeView for Bootstrap

Good day.Can you please tell me, is there a forum (or support) in Russian?I had a difficulty with the design of the style and really need a consultation.
Bootstrap Community, frontend Development

best calendar I found and easy to use.
Event Calendar Design

the jquery script must be loaded BEFORE bootstrap, otherwise we can enjoy the animation ...
Animate Modal BS4

Yes,i will fix it.Might be there is you are facing something "z-index" issue.Can you share your code with me ?
Hover Effect Style

I am unable to view the code.How can i see code for references
Responsive Sidebar Menu

Hi Dizzy, glad to help you, but I have a job :) I'll drop you a line in Skype
Vertical Adm

very perfect my boy congratulation very nice job
Product Shopping Grid Styles