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Search Panel Dropdown

It's not hiding the panel when visible and I click the button

crobi (0) - 12 hours ago - 0 replies 0

Flat Toggle Switch

toggle buttons are generated dynamically. code is as fellows : <div class="row col-md-12 col-sm-12" id="DivTS" style="display:block"> @{ for (var i = 0; i < 7; i++) { var chkID = "chkStatus_" + (i + 1); <div class="row" style="clear:both"> <div class="col-md-2"> <div class="onoffswitch1" id="toggle"> <input type="checkbox" name="onoffswitch1" onclick="return fnTimeSlotStatusChange()" class="onoffswitch1-checkbox" id=@chkID checked> <label class="onoffswitch1-label" for=@chkID> <span class="onoffswitch1-inner toggleOn" id=@chkID></span> <span class="onoffswitch1-switch"></span> </label> </div> </div> } }</div>

naveengestalt (-1) - 17 hours ago - 0 replies -1

Flat Toggle Switch

how to get a multiple toggle values

naveengestalt (-1) - 18 hours ago - 0 replies 0

Animated radios & checkboxes (noJS)

if i'd want to select checkbox only when i click on checkbox itself without click on the label?

ciolo (0) - 1 day ago - 0 replies 0


Hello!! How i can to charge the user photo than it is in mysql database?

cartabo (-1) - 3 days ago - 0 replies -1

login form layered

Hello!! How i can to charge the user photo than it is in mysql database?

cartabo (-1) - 3 days ago - 0 replies 0

Dynamic Tree table

This is really cool. How would you add submit button to submit the text fields to a script or something?

acnewberry (-1) - 1 week ago - 2 replies 0

org chart 3

I am tried your code. works fine. But the same tree I want buid dynamically with custom jquery. I used some plugins, it its getting slow, and not understandable to edit plugin. So please, can you please give me the code that building tree with custom jquery. Thanks in advance.

veerendra456 (0) - 1 week ago - 0 replies 0

Reviews with panels & schema

Hello Jerry...when i paste the code of this snippet on a page, it displays okay but it forces the content of that page to move to the left and make the fonts bigger in appearance. Is there a solution to this?

csng (0) - 1 week ago - 1 replies 0

left sidebar bootstrap admin

how I can add one div in the right at the left menu?

molinem (-1) - 1 week ago - 0 replies -1

Responsive bs-carousel with hero headers

I am a complete novice and my Carousel moves faster for some reason and all I did was copy and paste the code. How can I slow it down? Also, how would I go about adding left and right arrows to each end of the slide?

Champ426 (0) - 1 week ago - 0 replies 0

Bootstrap Community, frontend Development

Helllo,How do you like this form?

flaviub (1) - 1 week ago - 0 replies 0

Modal Promise Example

Is there any issue with this implementation? I am new to promises.

adityarar (0) - 1 week ago - 1 replies 1

fancy select

Background URL is not working, how can i fix this ?

AryanShrma9 (0) - 1 week ago - 0 replies 0

Average user rating, Rating breakdown

This was the best i could find to meet my needs. Thanks a lot...

kanachrisi (0) - 1 week ago - 0 replies 0

jquery shopping card

I was looking for this !! Thanks a lot

kanachrisi (0) - 2 weeks ago - 0 replies 0