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liammaxwell (-1) - 1 hour ago - 0 replies -1

Autocomplete combobox

How to add scroll bar in this drop down ?

pgpatel (0) - 1 day ago - 0 replies 0

Footer Bootstrap 4

im web developer, and i want to use this footer for the website that i develop.i must write your name or footer link?

futureprogramm3r (-1) - 3 days ago - 0 replies -1

social network layout - bootstrap 4

bonjour on fait comment pour avoir le tamplete

kirrabelloche (0) - 5 days ago - 0 replies 0

Bootstrap Fade Carousel Touch Slider with Text Animation

what is script slider auto play ?

chandrap (-1) - 5 days ago - 0 replies -1

Success and Error Icon Animation

You don't need any of the dependencies you declare. You don't wear bootstrap or jquery. Which makes it even better!

ortizman (0) - 1 week ago - 0 replies 0

Multiple upload image, Preview image and draggable element by sortable

How do I allow for the images to be saved onto a server?

nkushh (0) - 1 week ago - 0 replies 0

Timeline Using CSS

These are great but quite a lot of them fail if you have too much text in one entry as it overlaps (only on on side sometimes). Shame.

benjiwilson (0) - 1 week ago - 0 replies 0

circle progress bar

Works like a charm, for an easy use you can:.progress .p-100 .progress-bar{ animation: loading-100 2s linear forwards;}.progress .p-90 .progress-bar{ animation: loading-90 1.8s linear forwards;}.progress .progress-left .progress-bar{ animation-delay: 2s;}@keyframes loading-90{ 0%{ -webkit-transform: rotate(0deg); transform: rotate(0deg); } 100%{ -webkit-transform: rotate(162deg); transform: rotate(162deg); }}@keyframes loading-100{ 0%{ -webkit-transform: rotate(0deg); transform: rotate(0deg); } 100%{ -webkit-transform: rotate(180deg); transform: rotate(180deg); }}same with other values, hope it helps

trijulio (0) - 2 weeks ago - 0 replies 0

Bootstrap Dual Design Registration Form

I'm not able to use the above snippet, the Hirer tab is not working.

Saurabh1498 (0) - 3 weeks ago - 0 replies 0

Hover Effect Style

Hi there a small doubt why these effects not working in small width devices?Example ipad

suntharansnr (0) - 3 weeks ago - 0 replies 0

owl carousel

Hello, I would like to add 2 more items, how should I proceed in the code?Thanks

Rikky (0) - 1 month ago - 0 replies 0

Bootstrap Profile Page Design

Wow!!! Such an awesome design.... that is not even responsive!!!! Guys, do not waste your time with this. It is very tiny on mobile screens.

pasok123456 (0) - 1 month ago - 0 replies 0

Accordian Menu

How to change plus icon into 'down arrow'

babulnsl (-1) - 1 month ago - 0 replies -1


if i want to make a Dropdown Menu ?

MoEltahawy (0) - 1 month ago - 0 replies 0

Modal Quiz with Radio button

Please is there a way of sending a Json or the answers of the user to the database using php ? Where can we fetch the answers ? This is really good

kressly (0) - 1 month ago - 0 replies 0

Multi Item Carousel

Light and work great. I'm looking for infinite loop. Is somebody could help me ?

nlf14 (0) - 1 month ago - 0 replies 0