Bootstrap 3.3.0 Examples

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This Carousel doesnt work with latest version of bootstrap 4 as per the example here anyone with an idea or who have a solution?
bootstrap 4 multiple carousel

Actually amazing and so helpful for my university assignment. Thank you!
Modal Log

wow, really love this. Thanks for sharing
Bootstrap 4 Cards

Worked like charm, thanks
Navbar Hover Dropdown (No Js)

Thanks You.It's very Beautyful :D --------------------------------Cảm ơn bạn. Nó thật sự rất đẹp.Hoàng Long
Mix & Match Register

Me pueden apoyar por favor en decirme como descargar los archivos, ya que he intentado copiar y pegar, me he metido a los link y copiado la info, sin embargo no consigo meter los archivos a mi folder Web Content
Modal Log

Hello, Yes, I will help you,May I know which kind of problem you have facing?
Hover Effect Style

good i want fork this .. :)
Hamburger Icon Animations

Please share your website url.
Accordion with new idea and style

How can I implement this next to my text?
Sonar Wave Effect