Bootstrap 3.3.0 Snippet by prabuanan

<link href="//maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.0/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet" id="bootstrap-css"> <script src="//maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.0/js/bootstrap.min.js"></script> <script src="//cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <!------ Include the above in your HEAD tag ----------> <div class="container"> <!-- Indicators --> <div id="myCarousel" class="carousel slide" data-ride="carousel"> <!-- Wrapper for slides --> <div class="carousel-inner" role="listbox"> <div class="item active"> <img src="http://synicsys.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/seo-banner-bgd.jpg" alt="Chania"> <div class="carousel-caption"> <h3>Header of Slide 1</h3> <p>Details of Slide 1. Lorem Ipsum Blah Blah Blah....</p> </div> </div> <div class="item"> <img src="http://allpoints.ph/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/banner.jpg" alt="Chania"> <div class="carousel-caption"> <h3>Header of Slide 2</h3> <p>Details of Slide 2. Lorem Ipsum Blah Blah Blah....</p> </div> </div> <div class="item"> <img src="http://www.nimble-solution.com/images/slider/banner4.png" alt="Flower"> <div class="carousel-caption"> <h3>Header of Slide3</h3> <p>Details of Slide 3. Lorem Ipsum Blah Blah Blah....</p> </div> </div> </div> <!-- Left and right controls --> <a class="left carousel-control" href="#myCarousel" role="button" data-slide="prev"> <span class="fa fa-angle-left" aria-hidden="true"></span> <span class="sr-only">Previous</span> </a> <a class="right carousel-control" href="#myCarousel" role="button" data-slide="next"> <span class="fa fa-angle-right" aria-hidden="true"></span> <span class="sr-only">Next</span> </a> <ol class="carousel-indicators"> <li data-target="#myCarousel" data-slide-to="0" class="active"></li> <li data-target="#myCarousel" data-slide-to="1"></li> <li data-target="#myCarousel" data-slide-to="2"></li> </ol> </div> </div>
.carousel-control.left { background: none; } .carousel-control.right { background: none; } .carousel-control { position: absolute; top: 45%; bottom: 0; left: 0; width: 15%; font-size: auto; color: #fff; text-align: center; opacity: 1; text-shadow: none; } .carousel-control:hover { color: #000; } .carousel-indicators { bottom: -50px; } .carousel-indicators li { display: inline-block; width: 10px; height: 10px; margin: 1px; text-indent: -999px; cursor: pointer; background-color: #000\9; background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0); border: 1px solid #16a085; border-radius: 50%; } .carousel-indicators .active { width: 12px; height: 12px; margin: 0; background-color: #16a085; } .carousel-caption { position: absolute; right: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; z-index: 10; padding-top: 20px; padding-bottom: 20px; color: #fff; text-align: center; background: rgba(0,0,0,0.4); }

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