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Thanks You.It's very Beautyful :D --------------------------------Cảm ơn bạn. Nó thật sự rất đẹp.Hoàng Long
Mix & Match Register

Hi, thanks for this code. But, when I put a valid input in step-1, go to step-2 then come back to step-1 to remove the valid input, it does not validate again.Any suggestions?Thanks in advance
Form Wizard and validation
Simple Subscribe form

Thanks Mate thats pretty helpful!But how can I connect the sender with the recipient so it actually works and I get an email?
Contact us form with validation

Hello!! How i can to charge the user photo than it is in mysql database?

sir i am downloading same code snippets and saving individual files in single project and i export the .js and .css files in .html but i didnt get the actual design .please solve my problem?

I can't work the steps on the top side. It's still clickable and not looking like yours
Form Wizard and validation