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Hola, aquí el snippet actualizado → link para descargar si es necesario, debo decir que cuando realice la actualización no me dio problemas como el anterior, era como que no aceptaba el .text-center===========================================================================Hello, here the updated snippet → ... and link to download if necessary, I must say that when I did the update it did not give me problems like the previous one, it was like I did not accept the .text-center
Header + Video + BS4 + MDB

Hey Miguel, do we need to install anything? I'm receiving some bootstrap error! Sorry I'm new in html/css
Header + Video + BS4 + MDB

Here is a proof that the second method also works correctly!www.torneodj.comIt is a web where I do web design and other things, and the script that we created with another colleague from the original, can be seen in the footer of the same web
Header + Video + BS4 + MDB

Hello, here I left you another solution, since it usually happens to me, but the function of the video is stable, copy and paste if it was wrong ... But it works just like in this post ... it left you my repository → https : // ...My facebook: I am always connected, for faster answers
Header + Video + BS4 + MDB

Hi Miguel, I am new with HTML/CSS. I am not able to make any video run while using your code. What do I have to do? It seems that copy-paste does not work. Thank you in advance.
Header + Video + BS4 + MDB