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and bootstrap 3? please? ...
BS4 Simple & Clean Pricing table

There is a way for the user to click on the menu, I do not want the menu to be activated automatically you click over
Mega menu deslice hacia abajo sobre el hover con el carrusel usando HTML CSS Bootstrap jQuery

Hi,I have build/bind treeview of bootstrap dynamically (runtime ) using json I have 2 problems 1) white color with tree node .how can I solve this issue (attached is snap short for reference)2) click "+" tree node is not working on any node … as I told I build these node on runtime what to do to solve these issueNote: 1)Red color showing white spaces which need to remove.2) yellow color showing click is not working on "+" sign which I build runtime 3) green color showing ( "+" ) click is working fine because its design tree on design time not run time build (its static )what to do to remove Red and yellow mark error or bugI used these reference
Bootstrap Community, frontend Development

Excellent work! Congratulations!
loading circle

copie todo el codigo mas los ccs y js...aun no puedo ver la imagen ni el nombre..AYUDA!!!
Input File - Popover Preview Image

Hello,May I know from where you made this demo?It's mine demo, I created this before you,you can't copy like this. remove it immediately otherwise, I can take legal action against you.
Anirudha Bhowmik hover effect on image

I am failing to set the table row clickable, i.e. class="clickable-row" data-href="" does not work
Responsive Mail Inbox and Compose

You can save the opened dropdown in localStorage and retrieve it each page change
Pro Sidebar Template with Bootstrap 4

Code is not working correctly. Please fixed it.
Landing Page Template with animated carousel

Thanks a lot and most welcome. :)Thanks for comment.
Pricing Table