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Yeh I have. Exactly the same what you above programmed. Search button + order status.
Shopping Order Status

do you have orderStatus field or similar?
Shopping Order Status

To be honest hard to understand what you mean. Another point is also that I don't want to show up in http. I just want to create an offline html file with search results. So that everyone who open the file in the browser and type the order number , can get also the result.
Shopping Order Status

well, you have to make an api request when customer hits "GetStatus" to grab order info according to input value. Then you just highlight steps according to received order info. In case you'd like to show that widget on multiple orders, then, probably you have that info as well in each order data, therefore no need to show top section with input+getStatus button
Shopping Order Status

Perfect! But how I can connect with the order numbers? Do you have the code for me? Lets say I have three customers and three order numbers.
Shopping Order Status

in above example slider is not working and only 4 columns are appearing in a row other columns appeared to be in another row....can anyone please resolve that problem.
Carousel Product Cart Slider

Loved it! thank you so much.
E-commerce Footer Responsive