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Hi, your solution is very good, but I came across an issue when you type over an input and then type in another input, the search works fine there, but when you erase the data of one of the inputs, the search comes back with all rows instead of returning the rows matching the data of the remaining input field which is filled. Hey, I wish I had stripped rows in the table using your search solution, could you help me use that, I know there is css which makes the table stripped, but when I search it returns the rows with their respective strips on table load, it would have to be set on search call method, I couldn't make it work. Thanks in advance.
Panel table with filters (per column)

Panel table with filters (per column)

Muchas Gracias por compartir estos post, son de mucha ayuda
Tabla de paneles con filtros (por columna) con HTML CSS jQuery |

can we make filter by column name like firstname and lastname and keyup on textbox
Panel table with filters (per column)

Hello. thanks, great work.There is an issue with iphone 6+ ,safari.for some reason the "display:block;" setting for td element doesn't catch at that device.any solution to this issue?
No more tables (responsive table)