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Bootstrap 2.3.2 Snippet by msurguy

<div class="btn-toolbar"> <div class="btn-group"> <button class="btn" data-original-title="Bold - Ctrl+B"><i class="icon-bold"></i></button> <button class="btn" data-original-title="Italic - Ctrl+I"><i class="icon-italic"></i></button> <button class="btn" data-original-title="List"><i class="icon-list"></i></button> <button class="btn" data-original-title="Img"><i class="icon-picture"></i></button> <button class="btn" data-original-title="URL"><i class="icon-arrow-right"></i></button> </div> <div class="btn-group"> <button class="btn" data-original-title="Align Right"><i class="icon-align-right"></i></button> <button class="btn" data-original-title="Align Center"><i class="icon-align-center"></i></button> <button class="btn" data-original-title="Align Left"><i class="icon-align-left"></i></button> </div> <div class="btn-group"> <button class="btn" data-original-title="Preview"><i class="icon-eye-open"></i></button> <button class="btn" data-original-title="Save"><i class="icon-ok"></i></button> <button class="btn" data-original-title="Cancel"><i class="icon-trash"></i></button> </div> </div>

Questions / Comments:

Is there a good icon to use for a code snippet?

PKKid (0) - 5 years ago - Reply 0

Why not use icon-globe for the URL? That's what I'm using for mine.

Gerben Jacobs (0) - 5 years ago - Reply 0

Yes! That's a great idea. Will update the code soon. Thank you

maxsurguy (0) - 5 years ago - Reply 0

Also worth having a look at http://jhollingworth.github...

James Hollingworth (0) - 5 years ago - Reply 0

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