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thank you, my webite:
Google style log

The script link "" no longer exists
SweetAlert for Bootstrap

it work for methan I add link every item but when I click not work for mehow to resoved this
BootStrap TreeView

Perfect! Thanks so much!
Bootstrap Dual list

you can be add to .removeClass('active') after .clone() method.
Bootstrap Dual list

Hi, using your code for dual list box. The left box is my available items and right box is selected items. When I move items from selected to available (from right to left) how can I make them not highlight (not selected). It's cloning so I'm guessing that is why they are still highlighted which I don't want. I'm a newbie so sorry if this is a dumb question.
Bootstrap Dual list

The css and js need to be loaded through https rather than http because bootsnipp uses https.
Bootstrap Editable jQuery Grid