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Hi. Excellent code. I have a question. I was in a situation that i need to copy one child to orther node. Do you know how can i do that. Thank´s a lot. Sorry the English. It´s not so good.
BootStrap TreeView

This will be more better.$(function () {$( "#tree2 .selected" ).parents('#tree2 .branch').map(function() {console.log($(this));var icon = $(this).children('i:first');icon.toggleClass('glyphicon-folder-open glyphicon-folder-close');$(this).children().children().toggle();})});
BootStrap TreeView

Hi,I have designed this treeview on runtime (dynamically ) using Json but "folder " close and open not working. I mean tree node is now expanding or collapse on click. if I design this node on design time its working fine but not on runtimelike normally treeview expand or collapse its not working on click of any node. which I build no runtime.Guide me what to do
BootStrap TreeView

How do i download the files?
Dynamic Avatar Blur

Hi,Is it possible to do a shift key to select a list of items ?
Bootstrap Dual list

Have you got the answer? I'm having the same problem
BootStrap TreeView

Hello, just FYI, when using the search box, having selected items, then moving them across and removing the search filter makes the "filtered" entries disappear. To correct this I just add to add the following : $('[name="SearchDualList"]').keyup(function (e) { …. …. var $rows = $(this).closest('.dual-list').find('.list-group li'); /this is the new line to unselect all entries / $rows.removeClass('selected').closest('.well').find('ul').removeClass('active'); …… }But in any case thanks a lot for this very helpful snippet !!!Cheers
Bootstrap Dual list

The script link "" no longer exists
SweetAlert for Bootstrap

it work for methan I add link every item but when I click not work for mehow to resoved this
BootStrap TreeView

Perfect! Thanks so much!
Bootstrap Dual list