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What would be the proper way to adjust the width, if I wanted to make the popup wider?

Hello, how is it possible to change the image and url (button) for each card ?
vue js filter product

how to put logos into the circles
footer bootstrap 4

Hi, I'm having problems searching for certain pieces of text that I want to locate in the files of a whole website. I'm using Dreamweaver Find and GrepWin. I can locate text and code that is not in Bootstrap panels. The text that is contained in panels can't be found.Please advise.Thanks!
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Con que nombre le guardo al css?

how can i download ?
Sidebar navigation with Scrollspy

I have been doing that but to no avail. Should I try doing external css and js? I dont think that will change anything however. And in regards to the builder, only html code is provided.
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When I use the form builder and copy my html code over to the file, after running the program the output is very different than what it looked like in the builder. Am I missing some css bootstrap links in the top that aren't mentioned. This has also been happening to me on almost every bootsnipp bit of code I use. Is there something I am missing? Thanks and have a nice day
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how to add multi notification sections, like one for messages and another for notifications ?
Bootstrap Notification Navbar Dropdown

Great, but a no responsive and a lot css without bootstrap
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