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please update to bs4/ thx
Simple Email Validation

How to include Same??Save And Continue button doesnot working.. Please hellp
Form wizard (

for a better responsive environment i'd use some jQuery to dynamically set the width and height of the overlay and use bootstrap defined columns, the following script works perfectly and you can remove all width and height from movie cards and color-overlay var eventElements = $(".movie-card");var eventOverlay = $(".movie-card .color-overlay");for(var i=0; i<eventElements.length; i++) eventOverlay.eq(i).width(eventElements.eq(i).width()).height(eventElements.eq(i).height()+30) ;Tested and work just perfect, other than that great job
card list

Hey evarevirus can i get your contact details?

Switch between tabs and the accordions don't show Oo`
animated accordion

Hello, just FYI, when using the search box, having selected items, then moving them across and removing the search filter makes the "filtered" entries disappear. To correct this I just add to add the following : $('[name="SearchDualList"]').keyup(function (e) { …. …. var $rows = $(this).closest('.dual-list').find('.list-group li'); /this is the new line to unselect all entries / $rows.removeClass('selected').closest('.well').find('ul').removeClass('active'); …… }But in any case thanks a lot for this very helpful snippet !!!Cheers
Bootstrap Dual list

very badly coded css .... name are to common and the use of > to get each item does't really identify each element but get them by order ... that change everything once you include it as a partial view. it s totally unsable. Its to bad because the styles looks good. but it is not something to be included in a wider page with other elements.
Event List

Why this one works only for one card in layout?How may i do to this one work at all cards in bootstrap layout?
Panel - fullscreen toggle

What is the function of line 17 in html?
Multi level dropdown menu BS3

please update to bootstrap4
Advanced Dropdown Search