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Thanks for sending me your portfolio page I love your designs and that you work with others, but in checking out the various designs I came across a major security risk that could cost your site hundred if not thousands, who ever done your site hosting should be fired but if that is you sorry to say I would love to offer my services at $70.00 per months to help you secure and know your visitors to keep people out of the places they are not supposed to be or areas they are not supposed to StumbleUpon that can cost your business. Please save this comment to a text file and delete this comment. my emails is I run a radio station and automate a lot of the functions on my radio station as well as other hobbies in my spare time.I look forward to hearing back from you I'm Ryehean
Bootstrap 4 Social Network Post - TheMashaBrand

Great Design I have been piecing together a Social Network and this design is too good. Keep up the great work
Bootstrap 4 Social Network Post - TheMashaBrand

This is really nice snippet. However, it would be great if you put style in separate css file to reduce cyclomatic complexity. :)
Animated 3d social icon

Nice form, with the Social connections, but where is the PHP validation file.Thanks
Contact form with Social network links

is will this not work in bootstrap 4?
Social Icons with FontAwesome and nice effect hover

This was the best i could find to meet my needs. Thanks a lot...
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