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Como colocar a tag no codigo html. Sou iniciante
Bootstrap - Uma página usando Bootstrap CSS HTML

Ajax call which updates the number and increments the circle.
circle progress bar

Nice form, with the Social connections, but where is the PHP validation file.Thanks
Contact form with Social network links

Hi,This is so cool and helpful!But I wonder why I remove settime as this:jsfunction insertChat(who, text, time){ if (time === undefined){ time = 0; } var control = ""; var date = formatAMPM(new Date()); if (who == "me"){ control = '<li style="width:100%">' + '<div class="msj macro">' + '<div class="avatar"><img class="img-circle" style="width:100%;" src="'+ me.avatar +'" /></div>' + '<div class="text text-l">' + '<p>'+ text +'</p>' + '<p><small>'+date+'</small></p>' + '</div>' + '</div>' + '</li>'; }else{ control = '<li style="width:100%;">' + '<div class="msj-rta macro">' + '<div class="text text-r">' + '<p>'+text+'</p>' + '<p><small>'+date+'</small></p>' + '</div>' + '<div class="avatar" style="padding:0px 0px 0px 10px !important"><img class="img-circle" style="width:100%;" src="'+you.avatar+'" /></div>' + '</li>'; } $("ul").append(control).scrollTop($("ul").prop('scrollHeight')); }The dialogs will not show anymore. What is the reason we should put setTimeout here?Thanks!
Simple Chat

Hello Pablo!This's a great example. Can you wrap text when message gets bigger? Currently when message is big then it simply overflows a little outside chat pop-up box and is missed.Regards!
Simple Chat

Thank you for appreciating my work :)
Animated Vertical Bootstrap Carousel on Mouse scroll and Swipe

Thank you very much for your contribution. The problem of the scroll is already solved. I also added a button to send a message
Simple Chat

I have change the following in order to works fine. @pablocorezzola I miss two things, one is a scroll bar when chat overflows certain height, and the other one is a separator for show the date if it has changed. $(document).ready(function() { $(".mytext").on("keyup", function(e){ if ((e.keyCode || e.which) == 13){ var text = $(this).val(); if (text !== ""){ insertChat("me", text); $(this).val(''); } } });});
Simple Chat

this is not working for IE11
Simple Chat

How do we change the progress dynamically through JS and Jquery with this snippet? would like to progress smoothly from 0-100 as the value set dynamically.
circle progress bar