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On Bootstrap 4.1.1 with jQuery 3.3.1 I had to add the class "modal-content" to the "loginmodal-container" div or I couldn't interact with the modal
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Hello there! :)I am new here at your platform, and I just encountered an error.Why I cannot make a drop down login form, even I copied and paste the whole codes?Any solution there, Thanks in advance. God bless!
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Can you make it colorfull?
Custom Login, Registration & Forgot Password

Hi! This snippet is using Font Awesome icons and now It's kinda old.Look at you will just add this "<link href="" rel="stylesheet">" to your code and upgrade icons and you're done :P
Fancy navbar log

Hello, i'm new to web programming and bootstrap, but i seem to have a problem when linking archives between cdn bootstrap and my html. That results to my navbar to be "broken"."font-awesome.min.css Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND"how do i fix it? Thanks
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