Bootstrap Navbar Examples

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Recent Comments

good i want fork this .. :)
Hamburger Icon Animations

There is a way for the user to click on the menu, I do not want the menu to be activated automatically you click over
Mega menu deslice hacia abajo sobre el hover con el carrusel usando HTML CSS Bootstrap jQuery

<li class="dropdown-item"> <span style="cursor: pointer; width: 100%; display: block;" onclick="location.href='#' ">test</span> </li>try this
Bootstrap NavBar Menu Dropdowns

At the first level under the navbar, this works:<li class="dropdown-item"><a href="">Journey</a></li>If I move this down one level, it doesn't work. I pasted the <a> tag in your example and it still didn't work. I seem to get multiple click events. Any thoughts?
Bootstrap NavBar Menu Dropdowns

please update to bootstrap4
Advanced Dropdown Search

close side toggle with click on anywhere main page
Bootstrap V4 Side Toggle and Fixed Top Menu (Responsive)

This seems broken. If you shrink the web page down to what looks like a mobile size, and then click the hamburger menu, the items you can highlight in the menu disappear when you mouse over instead of going bold or highlighting. Seems a bit odd.
Mobile Nav Bar

please help me when implement this snippets in my project then open but click on internal select option then close all dropdown
Advanced Dropdown Search

navigation is not working in mobile view. Any solutions
Mega menu slide down on hover with carousel

How do i add this mega menu on my shopify store?can anyone help me ?
Mega menu slide down on hover with carousel