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Ajax call which updates the number and increments the circle.
circle progress bar

Work with Bootstrap v4. All you need to do is to not increment :<link href="//" rel="stylesheet" id="bootstrap-css"><script src="//"></script><script src="//"></script><!------ Include the above in your HEAD tag ---------->and modify in each sub div tags which contains : class="col-xs-3 bs-wizard-step ...""col-xs-3" by "col-sm-3"
Form Process Steps

waitingDialog.hide() is undefine
"Waiting for..." modal dialog

Are you including jquery and bootstrap?
Form wizard (

Hi, Its very nice demo but I have an issue with that I have paste entire code but page is not showing complete, are there any other libraries, kindly help me.
Form wizard (

How do we change the progress dynamically through JS and Jquery with this snippet? would like to progress smoothly from 0-100 as the value set dynamically.
circle progress bar