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The actual JS Doens't work for me..Some conflicts.So add a new class (nav-carousel)<!-- End Carousel Inner --> <ul class="nav nav-pills nav-justified nav-carousel">The The JS Code$(document).ready( function() { $('#myCarousel').carousel({ interval: 4000 }); var clickEvent = false; $('#myCarousel').on('click', '.nav a', function() { clickEvent = true; $('.nav-carousel li').removeClass('active'); $(this).parent().addClass('active'); }).on('', function(e) { if(!clickEvent) { var count = $('#myCarousel').find('.nav-carousel li').length-1; var current = $('.nav-carousel'); current.removeClass('active').next().addClass('active'); var id = parseInt('slide-to')); if(count == id) { $('.nav-carousel li').first().addClass('active'); } } clickEvent = false; });});And Make sure this are included in the header.<script src=""></script><script src=""></script>
Mega Menu

Why when i click the drop down, when i click outside, all other dropdown just turn back?
Side menu on hover

navigation is not working in mobile view. Any solutions
Mega menu slide down on hover with carousel

How do i add this mega menu on my shopify store?can anyone help me ?
Mega menu slide down on hover with carousel

I love this, Its owesome, though i cant see where to download
Bootstrap Custom MegaMenu Navbar with Sidenav taggle social accordion full page responsive fade carousel and customblcok quotes

sir i want same mega menu but bootstrap4 useing..
Bootstrap Mega Menu

The example above seems to work fine. Make sure you are including jquery and bootstrap in your code.
Mega menu slide down on hover with carousel

The navigation is not clickable in mobile view.. Is there any solution..?
Mega menu slide down on hover with carousel

Can you do it so submenu (dropdown) take full width of page, end everything else stay the same?
Bootstrap Mega Menu