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Hi,I have designed this treeview on runtime (dynamically ) using Json but "folder " close and open not working. I mean tree node is now expanding or collapse on click. if I design this node on design time its working fine but not on runtimelike normally treeview expand or collapse its not working on click of any node. which I build no runtime.Guide me what to do
BootStrap TreeView

There is a way for the user to click on the menu, I do not want the menu to be activated automatically you click over
Mega menu deslice hacia abajo sobre el hover con el carrusel usando HTML CSS Bootstrap jQuery

<li class="dropdown-item"> <span style="cursor: pointer; width: 100%; display: block;" onclick="location.href='#' ">test</span> </li>try this
Bootstrap NavBar Menu Dropdowns

At the first level under the navbar, this works:<li class="dropdown-item"><a href="">Journey</a></li>If I move this down one level, it doesn't work. I pasted the <a> tag in your example and it still didn't work. I seem to get multiple click events. Any thoughts?
Bootstrap NavBar Menu Dropdowns

Have you got the answer? I'm having the same problem
BootStrap TreeView

Well it.. thanks
Bootstrap Mega Menu

Does anyone have a 4.1.1 version of this snippet?
Fancy Sidebar Navigation

Dropdown menu can not be opening?
Responsive Navigation Menu

Good morning, can I use it on my project? Congratulations on your work.
Responsive Navigation Menu

firstly its simple and nice but, there's a bug in this, after clicking the dropdown, and if we hover out from the menu, the menu collapse to left but the spacing between the first two icons and last two icons remains different
Side menu on hover