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Love it but need it in bootstrap 4, it doesn't work in 4.
Panels with nav tabs

And btw, is it possible to remove the login facility from the code? Just for it to be a plain comment ui?
Ui Comments

Would have been better if the orange button that links to the comment replies was tagged "Replies" rather than "Comments" t be straightfoward. Anyways, nicely done
Ui Comments

This is amazing, thank you!
Ui Comments

Thanks for the excellent design! Is there a way to link to the active tabs?
Simple Vertical Tab

i am using same code but i am getting "Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined" could you help me please
Tabbed Slider Carousel (inspired by

Are you including jquery and bootstrap?
Form wizard (

Hi, Its very nice demo but I have an issue with that I have paste entire code but page is not showing complete, are there any other libraries, kindly help me.
Form wizard (