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O que eu faço para dar certo o html no meu site, só da erro. Acho que é a linha 4 que não sei mexer e a 1 tambem, Aguem pode me ajudar
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Porque tem erro na 4 linha e não da certo em htm? Sou iniciante, obrigado
Hover effect With Amazing effect

Por favor como eu incluo isto em html incluir em cima da tag head no meu html ?
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You dont have to use the HTML helper because as zholinho said, HTML helper create an extra input and that make the css do not work. Just delete your HTML and put a manual input, ypu can set the values as follow:<div class="checkbox checkbox-primary pull-right"> <input type="checkbox" name="NameOfAttribute" checked="@Model.AttributeBoolean" id="NameOfAttribute" value="@Model.AttributeBoolean.ToString().ToLower()" /> <label for="NameOfAttribute">Label Text</label> </div> To get if the element it´s cheked just use: var chk = $('input[name="NameOfAttribute"]:checked').length > 0This example was to detect a false or true, if you need the actual values use the val() function.Hope this could help to everyone with the same problema.
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Cant even change ALPHAD without everything going white
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Hi ,this mansory contains empty spaces , how can we override that?
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Como colocar a tag no codigo html. Sou iniciante
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how to add more sliders anyhelp please
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On Bootstrap 4.1.1 with jQuery 3.3.1 I had to add the class "modal-content" to the "loginmodal-container" div or I couldn't interact with the modal
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Hi I want to put rating stars on my webpage. Its is working fine. Rating is being added to database But a user can rate again and again. I want that stars should disable after rate once. Kindly help me Thank you.
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